Free Unlimited data for a month for customers of mint due to Coronavirus

Mint Mobile family,

These last few days have thrown the world into an unprecedented moment of uncertainty where reliable communication is of the utmost importance. As your communication provider, we feel it’s necessary to do something that could possibly help all of us navigate this tough time a little bit better.

Starting on 3-15-20 through 4-14-20, Mint Mobile will be providing all current and new customers with FREE unlimited high-speed data add-ons.


Download or update to the most recent version of the Mint Mobile app
Tap “account” and tap “buy more data”
Add data in 3GB increments. 95% of data add-on must be used prior to adding an additional data add-on
Your credit card will be charged and then refunded within 24 hours. Bank Cards typically take longer to process
Add as many 3GB allotments as you need thru 4-14-20

Have not received that one but I just activated my new account yesterday, so likely not eligible.

Redpocket should also have unlimited data

Actually, just noticed it's on their website (Mint).

Wow. They must be sitting on some cash to make this happen.

They're spending money as if there will be no tomorrow. But on second thoughts, Mint must think there will be a tomorrow and its actions today will help ensure that it so. And when tomorrow comes, Mint's kind deeds will be rewarded after having won the hearts and pocketbooks of appreciative customers.

I wonder if the increased data usage from this will be offset by more people staying home and using wifi instead of mobile data. Maybe it won't cost Mint that much because so many are working from home?

Good point---I was thinking the same, but the data will come in handy should there be a power outage, home internet outage, or a stay in a hospital.

or maybe...

July looks like it could be fun as long as I had Johnny Sokko's watch.

May looks interesting for the new Space Force. :slight_smile:

Well I used up 98% of my 3gb data and it wouldn't let me add any more. Says I need to use it all up. Just FYI.

You already used up 98% of your add-on allotment in the span of 2 days?

Did the $20 refund go back onto your credit card as promised by Mint ?

This was my initial 3gb from the plan that I had been using for the past couple of weeks. Must have been a temporary glitch as the $20 charge went through now. No refund yet but it has only been an hour or so. I don't like the charge and refund method but once I complete the first one I'll feel better about it :slight_smile:

It will probably take a few business days based on my experience with credit/ debit card refunds. Looking forward to hearing more on how that works out just I case we end up needing that extra data (unlikely but nice to have the option).

Just got a notification I'm being refunded the full $21 I paid.All is well and as they specified. Thanks Mint!

Any one with free trial on Superball day get free recharge experience? Are those able to have this deals too?

I literally activated my free Superbowl deal this morning. Does the 95% rule apply only to the recharge allotments or can you do a free first recharge even though you still have a lot of your plan allotment?

Just be careful as I topped up 3gb last night but accidently burned through it all by forgetting to turn wifi back on. Because the previous order was still processing and hadn't been refunded yet I am stuck with 0 data now :frowning:

This 24 hour order and refund thing sucks. But thanks for the extra data mint!!

"Right now, we know the need for communication you can count on is at an all-time high. To keep you connected, we are extending our offer of free unlimited data add-ons to all our customers until May 14, 2020

Add as many FREE unlimited high-speed data add-ons as you need from now through May 14, 2020.
Keep an eye out for more emails from us in the near future about how to stay connected."