Free T-Mobile Hot Spot Test Drive is Back

A poster on reddit mentioned the T Mobile test drive free Hot Spot + 30 GB for 30 days offer is back.

I had kept my Hot Spot from the previous test drive, and when signing up for the second test drive I was asked if I already had a hot spot gifted from a friend, I said yes, entered the IMEI, signed up with a different email, and T mobile just reloaded the hot spot from afar with 30 more GB for 30 more days.

Are the hotspots unlocked, unlockable, any use other than on t-mo?

I don't think the hotspots can be used apart from T-mobile, though adept hackers might be able unlock the hot spot. T Mobile basically said to throw the hot spots away or give them to a friend when one's test drive is finished, so I would imagine one could only use them after the trial if one signed up for a T Mobile data plan of some sort.

I coulda sworn somewhere (slickdeals, reddit, HoFo, or doctorofcredit) I read that other Tmo MVNO SIMs can be made to work inside. I'ma stop using my SimpleMobile SIM in less than 20 daze so maybe I'll do a silly test in ~18 daze.

Re OP, I think most of us did this ~Oct/Nov (> 6 months ago so seems possible re terms). Can we use the exact same conatct info and get re-approved?

When I signed up today, I couldn't remember what name and email I used on my first trial and so the email I tried was already used on T Mobile. I then put in another name and email and T Mobile sent a confirmation email to that address and my order was successfully completed. Putting in a shipping address was required and I used the same one I previously used for the first trial. If one is using the same hotspot from the first trial, I doubt using the same info for the second "new" test drive will pass muster. In my above post, I assumed that T Mobile would just reactivate the sim I already have, but that has not happened yet, though T Mobile says activation can take up to 2 hours. It could be, since a shipping address was required, T Mobile will be sending out a new sim card, even though nothing was stated about that.

EDIT: Looks as if T Mobile was on to me, for my hotspot won't activate, though the order was confirmed as successful from T Mobile. Also, I just tried again with another email and name and with order for new device, but got the message that I already did a trial and couldn't do a second. So it looks as if using the same shipping address is enough to disqualify one, an if one wants a second trial, a new shipping address is necessary along with a different email and name. Oh well, those are the rules. But I'll never do business with T Mobile again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Odd that that would be reason enough never to do business with T-Mobile again. You did already get one free trial, after all.

I've been with them for years and they're an excellent company to do business with and they have first class customer service.

Maybe even as good as Ting and Tello customer service-- and that's saying something.

It was a joke. Sad if one were to complain about free stuff.

It seems the hotspot this round is different from previous promo hardware.

I wonder if it hackable / unlockable?


The Franklin T9 is a mobile hotspot with a small display to show signal strength, number of devices connected, battery level, and more. It supports up to 15 connections at once, has a 2450mAh battery that’s rated to last 8 hours on a single charge, and includes support for LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 26, 41, 66, and 71.

I've got one coming.

I hope it's like the Franklin R850 in that you can remove the battery and leave it plugged in.

Look forward to your review & info. Chelle.
If it turns out to be unlockable that would make them more valuable & less likely to become e-waste.

Looks as if T-Mobile is sending me a new sim card for my hotspot after all. I had given up on a second sign up for the 30 day test drive and hadn't heard from T-Mobile for more than a week until yesterday's email stating they shipped me a T-Mobile Lazershark Sim card, which is I assume is for the hotspot. So one of my sign ups must have been accepted, though it took more than a week to stick.

I dont know why but it always says I am a tmo customer when I am not. Won't let me sign up

Several years ago, I had a $3 a month T-Mobile account and for a few years, but since then, when dealing with T-Mobile, whenever I try to use the email I used for that account, I'm told I'm a customer. So I guess T-Mobile will never close that account and I must use a different email address.

My hotspot is showing up on Monday.

Yes unfortunately they seem to be basing it on my address. I have a tracfone tmobile and used to have a postpaid tmobile account 2 years ago. But nothing current.