Free small mint sim for 3 months with any unlocked phone purchase at bestbuy

Cheapest phone is $30 so you can get a blu candy bar phone and 3 months of mint sim for $30 + tax.

Regular price $45 for the 3 months of mintsim

Nice find! Thanks!

I've done the similar Best Buy discount for Simple Mobile, and resold the Simple Mobile refill card to reduce my phone cost. (I got a cheap BLU device to use as a backup phone, currently loaded with a FreedomPop SIM.) I think for most here, the MintSim offer is easily the best of the current promos.

This page describes the offer:

But the links to the card on that page aren't working for me, so:

In case one of the other similar promos works better for someone, there are links to the Boost, Simple Mobile, and Cricket offers on this page:

The details for each vary somewhat. The value comes either from being able to use the refill card, or being willing to resell it. (I'll note that when I looked at it, the Cricket offer specifically excluded BLU phones.)

(edit: oops, sorry to repeat mmfacemm's link!)

To save anyone else the time I tried to stack the cricket and mintsim offers and only one applies.

I may get this, because even with spotty tmobile service, this beats freedompop data prices by a long shot.

This should be under Mint SIM, not Other MVNO...

Yes sorry. I don't think I can change it...

We did talk about the cricket and simple deals though so I am a little off the hook!

Moto G 5th Gen would be great to pair with this deal! :slight_smile:

I hope that Best buy Will have lots of $10 unlocked phone for sale soon!