free service??

i need some direction/help. besides freedom pop or lifeline can someone point me in the direction of free service. basically i have junk drawer phones to work with ( read phones between yrs 07-current mostly flip/feature phones) and NO money or no monthly spending allotment to spend. not alot is required just 50/100 mins, no data, text possible but not needed. (wheres R+ when you need it?![/sarcasm]) branded phones are 3 tmobile 2 sprint 1 boost. it needs its own account not a shared. i prefer not to use a referral code/system as receiving party is an unknown to me and would not want to take advantage of anyone's good faith. willing to link a social media account, watch ads/complete surveys to earn credits/mins whatever. thanks!

If you have a sprint phone with android 4 or above then cellnuvo can give you free service. You basically swipe for ads and the ads give you silver to use for calls. For someone wanting 100 minutes you wouldn't have to do much work at all. That would take no more than an hour a month and you can do it whilst watching a movie or something.

There is a $29 activation fee but code RPFREE might still work to remove that. Otherwise a referral code will save you the $29 activation cost - send me a message if you want one.

mmfacemm thank you for the suggestion. currently have my feelers out to my circle for any one with a extra android laying around. my junk drawer stash isnt that far up to date. $29 is too rich of an activation fee ( in reality its not but in this situation it is) but i see they do run promos so it might have to wait for one of those.


is the reason for an andriod phone is so that the phone can run the ads?
can you use a different device ( pc or tablet) to gain silver points?

Yes, and Yes. I believe Android 4.1 or later is required, and you can run the app on a different device than your enrolled phone. (Details in the CellNuvo thread.) The app for a particular line can only be installed on one phone at a time, and the app on a 'controller' phone can only be assigned to one enrolled phone.

You need access to WiFi to make this work, but the 'app' phone doesn't need to be active anywhere, and a tablet (with no phone capability) should work, too..

No need to wait for a special promo-- look at the referral codes thread, and you should be able to set yourself up anytime.