Free Security for Small Businesses

Kangaroo Small Business Initiative - Free and Immediate Security to Aid COVID-19 Impact and Response

Get a free security kit, security camera, and Kangaroo Complete premium service with professional monitoring for three months. The kit is designed for easy self-installation and the system can be controlled and monitored through your smartphone.
After three months, simply return the kit. Kangaroo will cover both outbound and return shipping. You will also have the option to continue the service, which is solely at your discretion.
What’s included?

1 Privacy Camera (indoor security camera)
2 Motion + Entry Sensors
1 Siren + Keypad Unit
1 Yard Sign + Window Decals
Kangaroo Complete service with Professional Monitoring

Free shipping outbound & return

Very helpful for a lot of small businesses that have had to essentially shutter their location! At the place I work (worked?), we're trying to make sure someone spends some time there every few days to keep the facility running and discourage looking like an easy target.