"Free" Plan Going to $6.98/mo

Here's a screenshot.

This is a free 200 MB LTE SIM with no added services.

It's the rock bottom, free, talk, text and data plan.

Hm... isn't that the new monthly charge to turn atuo top off off? I thought those who have it turned off already are good. Maybe not.

Time to get off this down-bound train :frowning:

Cancelling all mine. Game over

Do you have rollover on that line? I read from others that the charges have been on lines with extras like rollover rather than a totally free line but that may well be changing.

No rollover on that line. It's a plain vanilla cheap plan.

My lines with rollover have all had an admin charge added to them to bring the price of rollover up to $6.98/mo.

I sent a note to support.

That line magically changed to $0 and they said they didn't see any problem-- that it must have been my browser.

I suspect that they tweaked something.

Here's a screenshot for one of my MiFis.

I pay for rollover, which is $3.99/mo. Now that they've added the $2.99 admin fee that takes me to $6.98/mo.

Note that they charged me 3 days ago but there's now only 7 days left in my billing cycle.

Curiously, the next charge is $0. Does that mean I'll lose my 17GB of rollover data?

Who knows, at this point.

Most of my devices are now screwed up, to some degree or another.

Watch yours carefully.

Tweaking their revenue stream... Haha

all mine show $0 so still good

Watch them closely because the renewal dates are a moving target.

Your renewal date could change and you get charged before you have time to notice it.

Still $0 here, but I almost never use the SIM anymore.

I revoked their ability to charge in my PayPal account back when I signed up. As soon as this number no longer shows $0, it'll be time to wrap up shop on this SIM.

Signup for an account at slickdeals. Then say your complaint on a freedompop thread. The freedompop rep will tell u to send them a private message thru slickdeals site. Then they reversed the charge. It worked for me when fp twitter, fp facebook, and freedompop website said they couldn't reverse charges.

Mine all show the correct renewal date, and $0 cost.
As Chelle mentioned in the other thread, if you're checking several devices, you may need to refresh the page to show the correct info.
I'm using Firefox, and logging out of one account before logging in to check the next. Although the names change to reflect the device I just signed in for, the renewal date and billing information is 'stuck' from the last account I checked, until I refresh the page.
(e.g., check account 1: logout of account 1, and login to account 2. Account 2 shows correct name, email, and device, but shows the 'days remaining' from account 1, and the billing info page shows the renewal date for account 1. After a refresh on the billing page, I can return to the overview page and it is now correct.)

As a result, I'm not sure whether the accounts I previously reported had changed billing dates really did, or whether it was 'hung' info from the previous account I looked at. In any case, today they all show the correct renewal date after refreshing each time.

As none of my accounts have any recurring charges, I can't tell whether the recurring charge info is also 'hanging' from the previous login.

Facebook support suggested using incognito tabs to log into FP accounts.

That would give more of a fresh start, when logging in, and might be a way of acknowledging Kent's theory of data "sticking" across different logins.

I'm going to give this a try, in the morning.

A refresh of the tab (I always used incognito anyways, & still experienced the issue described above by me & Chelle) worked.

To refresh tab in Chrome on Win 10, depress CTRL-R. Or try depressing CTRL-SHIFT-R.

I refreshed the tab after logging out of 1 FreedomPop account, and before logging into the next one. The correct renewal date was shown.

We nthcirclers must be the only ones in the world logging into multiple FreedomPop accounts successively in same browser.

Can I order a tee shirt that says "NthCircler" ?

Absolutely! Only $6.98 plus tax on the FreedomPop website. Order now -- their friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service agents are standing by, ready to assist. :slight_smile:

Sorry beat you to it with something better. Was going to save it, but you guessed my idea

@lexusl21, Looks like you're ready for Shark Tank! Good luck with your new venture.

I noticed my accounts that had 2 SIMs were the ones with month end date adjusted... so if SIM1 ended on the 3rd and SIM2 ended on the 10th, they now both reflect end date of the 3rd...

No sign of $2.99 or $6.99 admin fees yet...