Free Plan decreased to 250 talk minutes

I noticed that the free plan is now only 250 minutes (down from 1000) for new members. It looks like they are letting people keep the 1000 minute free plan if you already have it as I was just allowed to renew it for this month.

So far, FreeUP has allowed existing customers to keep whatever version of the free plan existed when they signed up.

Funny, just when I was going to refer an individual to the 1000 talk and text. Thanks for the heads up!

I think this a VERY positive development as regards to sustainability of the free plans and the company in general.
This seems like a smart business decision vs R+ and FP shenanigans born of desperation.
I know 1,000 T or T is/was good but us old timers with the small 100 mb data allowance can do mms which comes in handy sometimes so am grateful for the "Grandfathering" of the previous plans.


If the individual you want to refer the free up plan has a inactive free up sim on hand can still get this by emailing customer support and asking for the 1000 T or T plan. If the individual needs a free up sim there on free up website or eBay. I’m currently in process of getting this plan setup

I do agree this is the right move to ensure the future of the company as well. @enchance20, I will keep that in mind. I may just encourage that person go straight for the $10.00 plan since it should be more than easy to pay for it using the options they provide (E.g. coupons, surveys, etc). I know I moved my line to the $20 one, and have not paid a cent.


We just completed moving the rest of our group over to paid lines ($15 monthly) as well. The move was seamless with customer service and since most of our group was earning more than $15 monthly in rewards by printing coupons, it seemed like the right thing to do for both us and FU.

It is still great product for me, since I just need to keep my personal number, while I have a business line for minutes and data.