Free Klingon Lessons

A not so long, long time ago in our own galaxy, not one far, far away, a language learning company called "Duolingo" offered to teach Klingon for supposedly free.
So for current and former Star Wars fans, it's a chance to brush up on or learn Klingon for the first time. Far out.

Lol you've mixed up your star wars and your star trek.

Or did you mean 007?

Oops-- I've never been a fan of either of them, so forgive my ignorance. But I noticed there are some Star Trek fans around here that might be interested, or maybe not. I'm still working on my English.:unsure:

Seems like throat clearing sounds & loud gagging noises could most likely pass for Klingon speaking !!

I know next to nothing about the Star Trek enterprise, but had read some time ago that a professional linguist had created an actual original language for one of the Star trek movies, and that, along with the fact that a serious language learning site, Duolingo, which I have used, was offering "free" Klingon lessons piqued my interest in the idea for Star Trek fans. Yet, fluency in Klingon would be of limited use to most speakers of it, and would sound like garrbledygoop to innocent bystanders.:slight_smile:

Yep, not very useful - I agree 100% !!

But all the same...

Here you have it - perhaps for folks with too little else of real concern in their days ??:

What I was trying to point out is that Klingon characters mostly sound like 5 pack a day camel smokers grunting & growling out noises that might be some sorts of words.

A bit of a comedic slant on the topic:

Qapla' !!