Free 3 Months Unlimited Talk & Text/3GB (Starts 02/02/20 @ 3:15PM PST)

"New Customers Only"

"Sign up Starting 02/02/20 6:15PM ET (During Super Bowl and Ends when Game is over)"


Sorry I just noticed this was already posted in Hot Deals thread.

this deal is now active. I ordered two on separate credit cards, with one of them going to a nearby rental property

I haven't received an email alert yet--did you just go to the Mint site and order?

I did

Email alerts coming through now a bit late

No email for me yet, either-- but my order went through.

I just went to site and can't get past the enter and update zip code window--- must be overloaded now.

EDIT: Finally discovered that the site was using an old, outdated T-Mobile coverage map that erroneously states that there is no coverage at my zip code, so the site was actually checking for coverage rather than for figuring out taxes. So I put in a big city zip code and the order went through while allowing me to use my real zip code for mailing and billing purposes. Paid 1 cent with Paypal.

email confirmation received.
Nice that they let you opt out of auto pay on the checkout page.
I paid with PayPal and can verify that no automatic payment agreement was authorized (unlike visible deal where you had to go in and cancel future payments).

Does Rakuten $10 cash back apply?

possibly ymmv

Mint Free Offer extended to Midnight PST

Does that sound like they did not meet the numbers they were looking for?

I wondered the same.

Edit: Either way, I got what I wanted and so seems everyone here.

It was probably a bit ambitious to want to get 110,000+ new customers in an hour. And during the superbowl. Even if free.

But yes I'm happy it wasn't difficult to snag one.

I wonder if Mint was hurt by its zip code/tax calculator rejecting many applicants, including myself and E_Z. I contacted Mint CS and said it appeared that the zip code/tax calculator was actually using an old, outdated T Mobile coverage map that was rejecting zip codes where T mobile service has been available for many years. CS got back to me quickly, after I had already figured out the problem and placed my order, and said to put 00000 as the zip code to see if that worked. Curious that Mint had a tax calculator, aka coverage checker, running on a free or 1 cent promo plan in the first place.

I completely forgot about this deal yesterday, it was a busy day. Im glad though it was easy for everyone else to get one. Keep the frugal train going :slight_smile: