Free 3 months of Mint - It has begun!

Free 3 month 3gb mintmobile plan has begun

You may be placed in a temporary queue to ease demand. I think that is a good thing they are doing to prevent crashes. Hope you all get one!

Ends 7.15 PM Eastern

I don't know if the rakuten $10 will apply but I clicked through from Rakuten and it went straight to the promo page so maybe a nice $10 extra as well!

Yes it has and it was super easy and fast!

Thanks for the heads-up Mmfacemm.

Just FYI:
Its PST (rather than EST), and I tried it with our zip since they claim to have coverage here only to have it say 'invalid zipcode' - so I used my work's zip to get past that page, changed the zip on the order form & paid my penny.

Now I'll get to see if there is actually any coverage in our rural area with zero risk.
Cool deal.

Same zip code problem for me as I posted in an edit on the other Free 3 month thread.

Easy enough to get around though by entering a zip it likes to get by that - then it can be changed in the order form.

Very silly !!!

Free Mint offer extended to Midnight PST

It was 4.15 pst or 7.15 est.

Anyway extended to midnight PST now as pointed out above

Looks as if the Mint Free plan is about to end. I got the below info in an email from Mint today.

"We’ve made it even easier for you to get your hands on some huge wireless savings. Simply renew with a 6 or 12-month plan and you’ll get $15 off. The discount will be applied automatically, so you’ll have that instant savings gratification. But you better hurry because your current plan expires in just 15 days ­– so you should grab this offer right now."

Well, just went on the site, looks like a nice deal for the new SE + 2 yr commitment + 1 yr of apple TV for $30/mo ($720 total).

Has it been that long already?!

Takes me back to pre covid-19 days when life was so good lol

There's a new movie on Hulu called "The Last Days". Looks like a foreign film but may be relatable given current situation. Movie probably sucks but will see if it's any good later tonight.

I must say that this combined with unlimited data has been great for me. Best 0c I've spent in a while.

They changed the way they did the refills a couple of weeks back to make it easier. So no charging $21 and refund. Just needed to update the app.