Fraction of a penny is a myth

I just want to say fraction of a penny is a myth.

Cellnuvo is more then swiping. You need to take advantage of all that is offered then take the average to get a true sense of earning potential.

  1. swiping

  2. match pot game

  3. split pot (if won)

  4. surveys. 100 to 250 silver per

5). Earn silver page by downloading or playing games or taking more surveys

( Remember the 8000 silver Looney tunes trial?)

6). 10% refferal and/or 10% bonus

7). Dollar rent a car Kipp ads for 150 silver. And other Kipp 150 silver ads

If you're going to be negative that is fine. But don't take one aspect and blow it up to try to get results. You take the entire experience and figure out what your cost average is. Then if you want to be critical you can. By taking one aspect and extrapolating the answer that fits your agenda is wrong.

That being I said I have said it for a while. Cellnuvo needs to bring back the 30 and 60 silver ads.

Cellnuvo also needs to give us credit for all these ads. Two in particular that are not crediting. A bonus of 3 Gold Plus would not be out of line. These ads are the whirlpool and and the Exxon Mobil ad.

Thanks for the very well thought out post, Did you email this to support or Tom?

Hey thanks

I emailed screenshots of non paying ads. They forward to right department.

Well said! Also taking into consideration, swiping with more than one phone can increase ones' gold production significantly! Phones are so cheap nowadays...makes sense to swipe with more than one!

Really, only if you have an old phone... not really worth spending money to get another phone just for swiping... will take forever just to break even.

I disagree. I think it is totally worth it. Cricket E5 cruise was mentioned in a previous thread for $30 with a month of service which is a great phone for swiping. YMMV but for me with half an hour or so swiping every evening I could break even in as little as a month. Multiple phones will really boost your earnings and I personally don't think it takes much more effort to swipe 1 phone vs 2 or 3.

As the OP says everything really adds up. No use looking at how much one ad is worth in isolation though we would all like it if ads paid more. As long as I am making a decent amount for the time I put in then I am happy. If it ever gets frustrating I call it a day.

This is the perfect place to use Black Friday Specials, sale phones or refurbs from Tracfone brands, etc. Being locked doesn't matter if you only use it on WiFi. $10-$20 should get a perfectly fine swiping phone. I started with $5-$10 (new) phones. Maybe watch for one of the thousands upon thousands of Verizon 3G and/or non-VoLTE devices that are becoming paperweights.

Maybe Prime Day will have nearly-free phones?

$29.99 Fiesta 2 here with a $50 unlimited 1 month simple mobile plan included

$9.99 including shipping. (refurb, straight from Tracfone/Simple Mobile.) (And no, you won't be able to use it on any carrier outside of Simple Mobile, or possibly other Tracfone brands.)

OK, this is a very good deal indeed. Does Simple Mobile then mean you can use it on any T-Mo and it's MVNOs? Just wondering because Unreal is supposed to have AT&T and T-Mo based service, possibly in August.

It's my understanding that Simple Mobile's phones are pretty tightly locked specifically to them. I wouldn't count on being able to use them with other T-Mo MVNOs.

There have been some reports of using Simple Mobile devices on other Tracfone providers (Net 10, Tracfone, etc.). It's a gamble. I don't think the chances of using it outside the Tracfone ecosystem even qualify as a gamble.
If one needs an potentially unlockable budget GSM device, it might be better to look at similar promos from Cricket, which usually require porting in a number. (And checking for ebay unlocking services before purchase.)

Thanks KentE. Decent for just $10 but personally I prefer to pay a little extra for a new phone and one with a better processor and more ram. It probably makes a difference even if you are just swiping. You can pick up much better new phones for $10-20 more like the E5 cruise or the fiesta 2 but yes some people might not want to spend that.

I think most Tracfone system refubs are really just open-box returns. I've bought a few over the years, and all were indistinguishable from new other than brown-box packaging. I did buy one many years ago that did not work properly-- Tracfone replaced it after conversation, and the replacement worked fine for several years. (I bought the problematic one straight from Tracfone.)

@mmfacemm The Fiesta 2 you posted is a great deal if you need the increased mini-tablet capability, even if you don't need the airtime. You could leverage the cost if you needed an active line for an offer somewhere that required porting in.

I've thought about it, for hours, and have decided against buying the $29 Fiesta 2 even though it would make a great WiFi phone that I could install the Unreal app, T-Mobile Digits app, Tello app and CellNUVO app on.

I'm exercising restraint but, suddenly, food has no taste and life has no meaning.

Do I need an intervention?

Knowing you, @Chelle, probably not, but just in case:

Combine the above with a "tasty" older phone that runs Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, or Marshmallow, and you should be OK before you know it. Good luck!