FP Data only LTE SIM


No calling requirements

I noticed a couple of things:
PPN lists the cost as $9.99, but it shows $0.99 for me when I follow the link.
The BYOP (Sprint) offer is also back at $0.99, although you have to watch to remove the $10 optional "service protection".

I have a data-only LTE SIM, and the data-only version has some advantages, and some quirks.
As you noted, no calling requirement, so it's nice to have in a second SIM slot of a dual SIM phone, or in a tablet or hotspot..
in my dual SIM phone, it does not function when paired with a calling-included FP SIM in a dual-SIM phone, if the freedompop app is loaded on the phone. At least in my dual-SIM phone that combination prevented the data-only SIM from loading, since it returned an error message about not being compatible with the FP messaging app (already loaded for the SIM in the first slot......) Maybe other dual-SIM phones would allow it.

This data only LTE SIM comes with 200MB free monthly right? Can we still get 500MB from Freedom Friends automatically each month to make it 700MB free monthly?