FP app still broken?

Still unable to make calls...

Several members in our group use Freedompop, those using iPhones have full functionality, those using Androids report limited to no functionality.

I have the app on iPhone 5S...

App version 7.5 on iPhone 6s Plus and two iPhone 7’s.

I don't use FP anymore, so I am unable to test.

@Chosen Your listed iPhone models all support iOS13 (and CallKit). Assumption: they are all running latest version of iOS13.

@PEW iPhone 5S supports only up to iOS12.

Not sure if relevant.

Apple sets April 2020 deadline for developers to build apps with iOS 13 SDK

I just tested this out on an iPhone SE running FP version 6.3. I couldn't complete any calls.

But when I updated the FP version to the latest version 7.5, it did work.

I was running FP v7.4. Just updated to v7.5. Works again! :slight_smile: