FP account messed up

Today logon my FP account, it has been messed up. Not sure if it is temporary glitch

Is your account a Global SIM? And have you used it in a while? Nearly all of them have been discontinued after multiple warnings that it would happen, although I've seen reports that a few of them still survive in working condition.

I tried accessing my.freedompop.com in various desktop browsers for three FP accounts. Usage and other data not loading, and top right spinning yellow circle.

My gsm sims are messed up too but Sprint byod is ok.

Same issue here. LTE sims.

Same issue as well.

Mine is, too.

My Sprint MiFi is showing up like it's an AT&T SIM.

Mine are all over the place.
My LTE SIMs are all showing the same result as in the first post.
Of my Sprint phones, one looks normal, one complains about needing a new credit card despite being correct. .
My Sprint MiFi looks similar to the LTE SIMs, but not quite identical.

I was in the middle of a number port so I hope they don't screw that up.

Guess now not a good time to join?

it's back to normal

I just scanned a sample of types (Sprint phone, Sprint MiFi, LTE SIM) that looked funny earlier today-- and my experience matches johnsmith. Things seem to display correctly again.

In the app mine is displayed as preloaded annual 1G plan. What is wrong?

Presumably, another glitch. I checked 2 LTE SIMs, both with the base free plan, and both indicate they're on "preloaded annual 1GB Plan"-- although the allotments section does show the proper voice/text/250mb (with friends bonus).

Just for kicks, I checked a FreedomPop/Sprint phone, too-- it doesn't seem to be suffering from the same identity crisis, and still indicates the real plan.