Four months of failures, and finally one big success – and now I'm done with CN

I will put my CN experience up against any of yours for being horrible, ridiculous, intolerable and disgusting. My personal circumstances in the second half of August when my line died could not possibly have been more inconvenient. I literally went on the road for two weeks about an hour before service collapsed. For the next 14 days, driving alone around the country, I was limited to pulling off the highway and sitting in my car outside a Starbucks, etc. whenever I needed to communicate with the world during the day. And then for the next four months, I exchanged more than 100 ever-more-ridiculous emails with CN's so-called "support" department, and of course none of those emails led to any sort of resolution whatsoever. Nearly all of those emails, by the way, were CCed to Tom or sent to him directly. He never uttered a peep.

And then yesterday, to my absolute astonishment, in a chat with one of the CN minions, I was able to cash out 122 gold to a family member's sprint account. That was slightly more than her upcoming bill, but sprint -- you know, a functioning company that is not based on deceit and incompetence -- processed the payment instantly and applied the rest to her account as a future credit. I want to make it clear, before the apologists here try to make this out as something else, that this is NOT a pro CN posting. The company is despicable: stunningly incompetent at best, and criminally dishonest at worst. One of the hallmarks of Ponzi schemes is that occasionally, somebody has to be paid just to keep up appearances. So it won't surprise me at all if I eventually learn that I am just that lucky person.

But I wanted to report these happy results so the many of you here who are just as frustrated can see what happened. I'm attaching a transcript of the chat that eventually led to a resolution. You want to read it from the bottom up so you can grasp the process.

And now that I have a mere 13 silver left in my account, I also want to be very clear that I am absolutely done with CN. I'm not surprised to hear that the swiping isn't working at the moment, but regardless, there won't be any more swiping from me. I'm deleting the app. Get what you can out of them and run away. What a hideous mess. Perhaps you can use the approach in my chat to get something good for yourself. And please note that even halfway through the ultimately successful process, they were still giving me the BS line about "oh just give it more time" as if something actually was in the pipeline, when of course it wasn't. As you'll see, they even basically admitted that it never was actually happening, later in the chat. And then, magically, when I got just tough enough or just lucky enough, they made it happen in less than 15 minutes. So the whole "24 hours or maybe more" thing? That's a complete ruse. Don't buy it.

If you know someone who has an account with one of the big four (or with Amazon...yeah, sure), work it out with them that you will attempt to send payment of your total in golds to their account, and they can then pay you back. Even if you're trying to maintain a red pocket account, cash out all your gold now as I did, and then pay red pocket out of the proceeds. Don't mess around with this company any longer than you have to.

Good luck everyone!

The 122 was that one big transfer or many?

Well done, congrats!
Thanks for giving hope to those still struggling.
I read the transcript
Here is to hoping your experience will help those still holding gold with no cell service.

I noticed your CSR number was "666" I think that was a omen from the get go....

Yes, I had meant to point that out! :evil:

I guess that's a great strategy... just cash in all the gold at once. This last week, I did 5 pmt requests and 1 pmt went through. If I requested the whole amount, wonder if at least one pmt of all the gold would have gone through.

How did you "chat" with CN support?

Having zero relationship with any of the 'big 4' sort of puts a damper on things.
Also, the 'new' rp is just as dizzy as the old rp, so that's no solution either.

One thing cn has done incredibly well though:
Brought very high quality frustration & aggravation to LOTS of users.


Nuvo seems to be getting things right. So I'm not abandoning ship. But, if amazon redemption comes true, yeah that amazon, then imma buy a nice redpocket yearly plan and phone

Lucky you! I have about 330 golds in total and have never been able to use a ducking one of it since it switched redpocket. All of my three original numbers have lost. One line was assigned a 000-000-jerk number, which means that the phone was not even transferred to redpocket. Later it worked for a while with a local number and then lost service. Cellnuvo promised 20 golds in lieu of the original number, which I agreed, and I got a new local number with no phone service, then even this new local was later replaced with 000-000-0ass. I never received the 20 gold yucking golds but it is moot now since they are sucking useless. My ticket was marked "Resolved" and "Done," followed by "Closed" in a few days. That attitude really disgusted me. With mmfacemm and mark's reports, I activated my redpocket account to "Need Initial Refill" status and tried topup with account number and phone number respectively. My ticket was AGAIN marked "Resolved" and "Done," before my redpocket line was closed, then my ticket was "Closed" in a few days. It made my blood boil. This is a scam, Ponzi scheme, directed by some liars and despicable creatures. I want to vomit when I hear or see the name of it. Some gentlemen in this forum had made great effort to help me, but cellnuvo just suggested me to do the same thing again. For obvious reason, I know that I would be pushed around like a fool if I follow its suggestion, because it happened before! They make up all kinds of excuses just to reject payment. I see through their disgusting game. They know my support ticket, they have all information to activate my phone in redpocket for me, and they said they could not do it, but they have done it before! The only reason for them to make this false claim is that I would be deterred by their bullshit and they can throw me their bullshit while find excuses of non-payment.

I have been very supportive to them in the beginning, referring their service to many people. Even though I done have internet at home, I manage to find WIFI to swipe over 300 golds, excluding those lost or used before. When redpocket cut off my service, I took cellnuvo's side and blamed redpocket for its disgraceful advertisement strategy, I suggest a partnership with Tello, but I soon realized that it was my wishful thinking and redpocket did nothing wrong. I questioned cellnuvo's financial and business conduct, and I still think my guess is correct. I also recommended writing checks to members so that they can obtain service with Tello, which is a win-win strategy, because cellnuvo does not need to pay out so much and the money can last longer with Tello paygo. I also recommended working out a way to eliminate current liabilities with Tello and members. I even went that far to make a discounted redemption offer. But none of my suggestion was adopted, instead, they choose to ignore or deny topup request from me, and I believe that there are many members like me out there.

With so much support and enthusiasm for their business, and they treated me like shit, and a few here even held that I have lost nothing because I took the risk willingly. JSRT, who is permanently banned now, might have not minded his own business, but whatever he said about this company and those who manage it is more close to truth.

When you email support, if they deign to reply, they include in that reply a link that takes you to what is essentially a webpage version of the email exchange. Using that site, you can effectively chat with them, although it is not like a conventional chat in which you know that the other party is on line and awaiting your input. But in my case that day, at least, responses were reasonably forthcoming. I don't know that it was any more expedient than regular email exchanges would have been.

Nuvo seems to be getting A FEW things right. Just as 1,000 monkeys at keyboards, given enough time, will eventually re-create the works of Shakespeare.

Thank you! I've been using that for a few weeks, but didn't know that you were referring to that as chat.