Forum Redesign

Is it possible to go back before website update

I liked it better on my phone

I liked to click messages thst was on top after I clicked my Icon

Can you explain what you're seeing in the mobile view? It should behave mostly the same as it previously did.

Also, here's a couple things I'm still working on (with the forum redesign):

[li][strike]Quoted text - To change it back to the way it was previously formatted (with a vertical line, indicating the block quote).[/strike][/li]
[li][strike]Font sizes - To generally make text larger.[/strike][/li]

Text is smaller, for me, and I have to manually log back in every time I come back to the website.

Definitely not as good as the old design.

I fixed the font sizes. Text should be larger now on all pages. I'll look into the log in issue. Nothing should have changed around that, since this was mainly a styling update. But I'll look into it. It's possible you were seeing the effects of me working on the server and refreshing things throughout the day? Let me know if you continue to have sign-in issues.

I see my pam tree avatar I click that as normal (the changes are ) and it had choices for me to say if I was online or away or invisible. The New private messages was on the bottom.

now you fixed it. It is back to under JUST NOW

Thanks. Back to normal for me

Maybe it's just me, but I would like the regular text color to be a bit darker or blacker, if possible. Thanks for always upgrading the website.

It's not just you. I normally don't need my reading glasses for this site but I'm having to use them tonight.

How's that? Is text dark enough now?

On the "Recent's" page the text is dark enough for me, but on the individual post's pages, like what I'm typing now the text is still too light or gray for my taste. Maybe other members will chime in and not see it as I do. Thanks.

It's darker in the editing box but once you post it, it goes back to the light text.

Very difficult to use on a cellphone at least. Too much clutter with all the facebook whatsapp etc icons .

Each part of the page is not well defined so everything runs into each other.

Also there is too much border/space around the edges of everything. For example this text box I'm entering right now uses half of the screen only.

Sorry Hungryghost. Not a fan of the changes. Looks fine on a full computer