Forum Organization of Categories & Threads

Currently, the forum has four Main Categories:


Within MVNOs (the most active area), I've tried to keep things organized with one thread per MVNO:


But as some have pointed out, this can lead to some monster threads (which may or may not be helpful, depending on your perspective).

If anyone has suggestions on how to better organize things, let's discuss here.


Perhaps under the "MVNO" main category, the various MVNOs might become sub-categories instead of threads. Just a thought.

That's exactly what I was considering. But that would mean (potentially) dozens of subcategories (I think there's over a hundred MVNOs in the US). Would having so many subcategories be easy to navigate? I think that could keep things organized, but then again, this place might start looking like HowardForums. :slight_smile:

I would love to see FAQ threads for each MVNO. No chit chat allowed. State problem, app version (if appropriate), Android or iPhone (incl. version), and solution.

That's it.

When it gets large enough they can be organized into a single OP for each thread, and the others can be deleted.

Then let the thread continue to grow and periodically pull everything into the OP.

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  1. Tello FAQ
  2. Twigby FAQ
  3. CellNUVO FAQ

We need to split cellnuvo as that is getting out of hand and feedompop already has a couple of sub threads.

Maybe just an other category for the smaller ones rather than needing one for every MVNO

I like this idea very much.

Perhaps it might be possible for a single forum member or a small group of members to "curate" a FAQ thread for a given MVNO. That would go a long way toward keeping the thread both current and accurate.

The whole concept of having two distinct types of thread, one where the information is precise, targeted, concise and accurate, and the other where members can interact in a relaxed informal way could be very useful.

A final though it on the overall number of posts in a thread. While there is some merit is leaving threads open indefinitely, there seems to be some evidence once a thread has reached a certain number of posts, it becomes rather chaotic. I read somewhere that about 200 posts may be a reasonable number.

At the point, if there are still other issues on the general theme it might be useful to start a separate thread focused on those more granular issues.

I've created subcategories for the most active MVNO discussions, along with one for MNOs (Big Four) and an 'Other' category for the remaining MVNO discussions.

As for FAQ threads, I like the idea. If anyone wants to volunteer and start a carrier specific FAQ thread, feel free. Let's consider any thread labeled FAQ at the end (for example "AT&T FAQ") a more "restricted" thread, where each post should be on point and in the form of Question and Answer. I'll leave it up to forum users to try to curate and monitor these threads (and flag any off-topic comments) and I'll assume that whoever starts the FAQ is volunteering to oversee it. If a FAQ becomes pin-worthy (tm), then I'll pin it within its respective category.

Sound good?

Is there a way to set 'recent' as the default page when you come to the forum. I prefer that but I guess others prefer the categories as the default. It is just one extra click so not a big deal.

bookmark this...

Okay, I've made the Recent page the default landing page for the Forum. Yeah, it was only one-click away (and easily bookmarkable), but it seems most people are using Recent to browse the forum instead of Categories.