For truly unlimited LTE data at a great price, these are the best 3 options (one line)

If you elminate the shady claims of so many MVNOs who claim unlimited data , but then throttle you to a barely usable 128 kbps , or the very few who throttle to a completely unusable 64 kbps. these are the only choices (unless you jump to a $50 price point plus taxes).

Truly unlimited LTE data:

-Visible @ $25 with no taxes on Verizon
-Metro @ $25 with no taxes on T-Mobile
-Cricket @ $30 with no taxes on AT&T (only with one year paid up front)

(And it must be noted , only Visible offers free unlimited HotSpot , but with clearly defined, but quite reasonable restrictions, IMHO)
(And it must be further noted that both Visible and Metro are better deals than the multi line deals offered by other MVNOs , given that the multi line deals add taxes)

And the next closet option to all of the above is at @ $50 plus taxes (Total by Verizon and T-Mobile prepaid) .

( source: prepaidcompare, and a bit of my own own research)

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So not unlimited 5G?

Cricket multi-month plans are new. I wonder if you can bundle those with phone purchases. For example, they usually have an iPhone deal where you can get one for free but have to pay upfront $180 for 3 months of service on their costliest plan, with no possibility of plan changes during that period. But if you can instead knock that down to $120, maybe those deals begin to be worth considering.