Fighting Tactics

It's about to kick off! Giraffe gets its leg caught on a smaller rival's neck as they square up for a fight

The smaller giraffe, a young adult, headbutts the larger animal's lower body, only to accidentally hook his neck on one of the giraffe's legs, lifting it up in the air as he stands up.

Heavy weight: The small giraffe doesn't seem to enjoy having the other's leg weighing down his neck as he splays his legs out to stay balanced

Unable to get his leg any higher to lift it off the other giraffe's neck the now three-legged larger giraffe hobbles around in a circle to try to display his dominance.

Act cool: The giraffes continue their display of dominance to each other as they walk in a circle while attached by the neck and leg

Eventually the leg is released from the giraffe's neck in a moment of relief. At which point they seem to have decided the fight is over.

However in this awkward exchange it seems the giraffes do not need much of a tussle to measure each other up, with the smaller giraffe clearly under the thumb.

Clearly just play fighting.
Training, practicing for the real thing.
The larger one didn't feel the need to hurt the little guy.

One way to take on a larger opponent.

To put the size of a giraffe into perspective.

World’s last female white giraffe and her calf killed by poachers in Kenya Only one living white giraffe remains — the son of the slaughtered female.

So devastating.
No tactics against the poachers.
I was heartbroken when the news came out in March.
The silly giraffe story was a reminder.
So sad.
Such eerily beautiful creatures.

Not the white giraffes of Kenya, but a nice documentary.

Ingenious tactic used against parasites.

Poisonous Euphorbia Trees: This plant has a poisonous milky latex that can result in death if ingested in large quantities. Giraffes feed on this plant in small quantities during winter. The poison enters their blood system and kills off any internal and external parasites the giraffes might have. Crazy but smart!