Feature similar to "helpful"

A lot of times when I would only say "I agree", in response to a post, I will mark it as 'helpful' over on RP. Is there the possibility for a similar feature here?

We're pretty small right now, so maybe it's not needed yet, but something to think about if this continue to grow...

Thank you!


We all know what's next: "We need a way to dislike a post!" :wink:

I suppose I just have to go super old-school and just use smileys instead of commenting with words.

Or perhaps a way to say we have mixed feelings about a post. Oh--too vague maybe.

*** By the way, I really like the name of the website---sounds like we're on the cutting edge of something.

There's a new "Thank You" (Thumbs Up) button, now. Let me know if you guys notice any problems with it. Thanks!

Awesome! That was quick :smiley: And yes I used it, looks like it worked!