Feature & Enhancement Requests

Here's the list of website improvements I'm considering. Please discuss any individual item or new suggestion in its own thread.

[li]@Mentions – Tagging someone with "@username" to alert them about the comment or post.[/li]
[li][Done] [strike]Private Messaging – Send direct private messages between users.[/strike][/li]
[li][Done] [strike]Recent – Page showing all recent topics or poss.[/strike][/li]
[li][Done] [strike]Up-votes – Like, thumbs-up, helpful, or some other way to up-vote a comment.[/strike][/li]
[li][Done] [strike]Ranking Levels – Come up with a new set of rank titles.[/strike][/li]
[li][Done] [strike]Reorg MVNO Category – Change "MVNO" to "Telecom" and create new subcategories for specific carriers.[/strike][/li]
[li][Done] [strike]Forum Landing Page – Change default forum page from Categories to Recent.[/strike][/li]