Fear Not-- You Can Still Watch USTVNow on your Roku. Here's how

Roku has dropped the USTVNow channel which has left many people in a lurch. For those who can't use an antenna to get local channels, the free 7 channel plan from USTVNow has been very helpful.

If you install the Web Video Cast app, from InstantBits, on your phone (it's available in the Google Play Store and has a yellow icon), you can use the following steps to cast USTVNow to your Roku:

  1. Connect phone to the same network that the Roku is on.
  2. Open Web Video Cast app and search for available cast devices.
  3. Select Roku.
  4. Staying in the Web Video Cast app, browse to USTVnow and sign into your free account. (Yes, you use that link even though you're on an Android device.)
  5. Start the stream within the Web Video Cast app.
  6. Press the "Play" icon in the upper-center of the app and choose whatever playlist name appears at the top of the list. The stream will start playing through the Roku.

The stream will continue to play through the Roku even if you close the app and/or turn off your phone.