Favorite old phones-- still usable

Everyone loves their shiny new phone.
Sometimes, I find an older phone that I really enjoy using now, because it does something different, something better, etc.

My recent pleasant surprise: an LG Volt (Boost Mobile branded), Android 4.4.2, circa 2015.

I sometimes work on jobsites, frequently outdoors in all weather, usually involving moving heavy equipment, and I prefer to not subject my nice shiny phone to that. I keep a spare active phone for that purpose (using Google Voice.)

Recently, I swapped to the LG Volt on that line. I know it was a favorite of many back when it was a current model, but I'd never really used it much.

It sips battery. I was on site 14-16 hours a day, and it ran for 3 days on a single full charge, with WiFi enabled, some cellular data usage (with cell data enabled full time), and probably an hour or so of internet usage per day. The Volt was turned off for about 5-6 hours each night while I slept. I don't have any apps installed that use background data other than GMail, Google Voice, and Google Services.

It wasn't a fluke, either-- same results 2 weeks later, at a different site.

I still like the Moto E2 a lot more than I probably should.

I've got one on a Tello PAYG line and it just feels good when you hold it.

I also still like my Tribute HD.

I definitely understand the Tribute HD. I tried switching my wife from hers to a Moto E4, and she insisted on switching back a few weeks later. The screen touch response is nearly ideal on the Tribute HD, and the display looks good..

If 2G was still around I'd be delighted to be able to use my old Nokia bar phone - as just a plain old phone.
Anything I desire to do with an Android device can be done via Wifi and can wait if need be.

Way back when (during a much busier time for me) I was among the very 1st bag phone users here in Vermont.
That phone had punch - it could reach distant towers & most always got my calls through no matter if I was in the boonies or whatever.
(I don't miss carrying that big thing though !!)

I've been using the Tribute HD as my primary phone for almost 3 years after switching from my Moto E (2nd gen). I gave a different (new) Moto E (2nd gen) to a family member and later gave her a new Tribute HD, but she doesn't want to switch from the Moto E.... going on almost 2 years now.

I always liked the Volt. It was my first RingPlus phone back in the day. Among other things, I liked that the navigation buttons weren't part of the display, and I like the notification LED, which none of my other smartphones has. I still have 2 Volts - one on Tello Paygo and one in the original unopened box (which started passing the BYOD checker a year or so after I bought it on clearance.)

Another thumbs up for the Moto E 2nd Gen.. I got one new for I believe $30 during the R+ days and it's still going strong in the hands of an 85-year-old person who is on the $8 unlimited talk&text Tello plan. This person lives out in a wooded area where AT&T and T-mobile reception is non-existent indoors, but, oddly, Sprint works just fine there. This person was using an old Kyocera 3G phone prior to the Moto E, but I switched phones for this person in preparation for the end of 3G. The size of the Moto E is perfect for this person who only talks and texts on the phone. Hope the battery lasts a long while.

It's nice to see all the Moto E2 love, here.

I also have to give an honorable mention to my Blu Life One X phone.

It's our sole home internet connection-- and its hotspot has been turned on for the last 3-1/2 years, straight.

It's connected to our home network through a wireless bridge and, incredibly, it almost never has to be rebooted. Perhaps every month or two I have to reboot it to resolve some issue or another but it's more likely a T-Mobile issue than a phone issue. (I think the lease probably has to be renewed, periodically.)

It's also been plugged in continuously for the past 3-1/2 years and the nonremovable battery started swelling about 6 months ago. It's still plugging away, though, handling all of our internet needs.

This phone has been the little engine that could, and I'll have no complaints when it finally gives up the ghost.

I like my old lg g2. The design was ahead of its time with slim bezels and large screen for the size. I wish they would make a 2019 version of the same with an updated camera and specs. Got it for $100 as a sprint prepaid phone but it worked on ringplus and now tello.

I take my tribute hd with me when I workout. It is cheap, thin/light and remarkably resilient to scratches and other damage. That phone was a bargain. I use it as a music player too. Still going strong.

I use an LG G4 because it has a removable battery
I may upgrade to The LG V20 because that is the best phone with a removable battery

I bought the LG Tribute HD as well when it was for $20???. That was during the Ringplus era where this phone slipped through the cracks regarding Sprint's MVNO device eligibiity requirements. After Ringplus, the Tribute HD was on Freedompop and then briefly on Ting.

Okay phone which would have been better if LG were less restrictive in locking this phone down. As far as I know, this device has never been rooted.

When on Freedompop, the phone would sometimes not recognize LTE which is what the app uses. A reboot would be required before a calling was possible.

I have run out a space a number of times. When that happens, the LG Easy Launcher becomes the default. Then I have to delete the caches as even the phone does not function properly. Microsd card is of no use unless you can reliably convert the external drive to internal storage.

i loved my tribute dynasty ( in gold). i did not like and mostly hated boost/sprint service. i loved it so that when the 1st one got 5 finger discounted out of my cars trunk i sought out another one. now, it currently sit in its box waiting for the fed check to fall off in jan so that i can register it on tello for ferocious jr. who has a hauwei union on its very cracked last legs. i replaced the dynasty with a samsung galaxy j7v2 on Verizon prepaid. which i purchased on bf for $99. i cant wait for jan when i can stop paying boost and verizon and be back to just 1 high cell phone bill.

Nokia n900, hands down.