Family Plans Have Arrived!

Looks like Tello is now offering the ability to set up multiple lines on the same account. You can check out the details here:


Thanks, D_D. I wonder if existing Tello customers with more than one account can consolidate those accounts (plans) into the same (family) account? And if so, how?

Great question!

This is one of the reasons we worked on launching the new Family Plans, due to the fact that so many of our customers were requesting them :).

Merging accounts is possible and in order to do that you have to contact our Customer Support Team. They'll gladly help you with this.

Remember that our family plans don't have a shared balance & there is no extra cost per line. More details, here: Tello Family Plans: One family, One account, Multiple savings, thanks!

Most family plans give you discounts for multiple lines.

Doesn't seem like much benefit here other than convenience of one log in.

I understand that it makes little sense for Tello to allow "sharing" of unlimited allocations by members in a Family plan. But, Tello should enable sharing of fixed-amount allocations of data, minutes, or texts by select members of a Family plan.

We're jotting down suggestions, as always, thanks, guys!

The main reason we configured our family plans this way is to keep things simple, thus avoiding family feuds over who went through the entire data allotment. We are not strangers to such topics :).

But, nonetheless, we're always trying to respond to people's needs & improve the service.

First of all its great you can add multiple line on one E Mail address, creating the family plan. However I did a pretend order for a 2nd 500 min No Data plan line and it wanted a payment of 11.50 per month including taxes and fees for 2 lines. It would be nice to get some sort of discount on 2 or more lines, like most mvno's do.

How will the family plan work if one member runs low on data in the middle of the billing cycle? Will all account cycles reset if only one needs to add data? Currently the only way I see to add data is to restart the plan cycle.

The information available indicates that each line is managed individually, and that each line can/will have it's own renewal date. (And billed to your payment source separately.) Since there isn't a 'master' renewal date, one line needing to restart/change the plan cycle shouldn't affect the other lines.

From the blog:
"How does a family plan work?

You can add an unlimited number of additional lines, each with their own phone number and Tello plan. Each of these plans can be managed from your Account Dashboard, allowing you to swap phones on the account, up or downgrade a plan, restart on a new billing cycle, port a number to that account, and more. There is no need to have the same address to do so and there is no extra cost per line.

How does billing work on a family plan?

The billing for each of your phone plans goes through your main Tello account. Each individual plan can have different billing dates depending on when you activated their lines, but it’s all charged through the credit card on your main account. "

It looks like on the same account for example 1 phone can be on a monthly plan and 1 phone can be on a paygo plan or 2 phone on paygo plans.