Eye Watering 5G from AT&T

AT&T is rolling out its 5G network in some cities, but the cost may make you cry. $500 for the hotspot and $70.00 a month for 15GB, which the article indicates works out to about to about $35 per minute for data, i.e., 15GB divided by the 2 min. to use it up at 5G speeds =$70 divided by 2 = $35 a minute. If this is correct, AT&T can keep their stinking 5G network. But possibly, one may get unlimited data at throttled 4G speeds after the 15 GB is used up(Ha):slight_smile: . What's not to like.


It must be a joke. Verizon fixed 5G wireless home Internet (unlimited plan) was priced at $50/month if you are a Verizon customer.