Experience with Visible service

Looking around for new carrier (or stay with Sprint Unlimited Kickstart) after Apr 30. Seems the family is now at 3-10gb/mo. Looks like we're sucked into data plans. haha

Users of Visible, how's the service? Reading elsewhere that voice is bad and data is slow.

See this post for my experience.

I still don't know if I'll stay with Visible long-term, but wanted to share my experience with my so-far-short trials.

I'm guessing we've all seen reports about horribly slow deprioritized data on Visible. I have not run into that issue at all. I live in a pretty large metropolitan area (Kansas City, 2.5 million people), but population density is relatively low. (Lots of square miles). We have good coverage from all 4 networks, but really not exceptional speeds via any of them, since the geographical sprawl does not encourage placing lots of towers in small areas.

I regularly get 10-14 Mbps on Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T networks across the city. Visible has been no worse than that under any of my tests, and considerably faster on some tests. (I've mostly tested near the city core during business hours, and in residential areas in the evening, which should both be higher-demand times for those locations.)
A 200 mile drive to the next largest city in the state, and tests over a few days there, gave me similar results. At all tests, the data speeds were very satisfactory. My trip kept me on interstate highways and urban areas, so I have no input on whether the LTE-only service would be problematic in seriously rural areas. (Of which, we have many.)

Bottomline, there are undoubtedly places that suffer with bad data speeds on Visible, but it's not universal.

I haven't had time to set up Google Voice on the phone & carry it for actual voice testing, but hope to do so shortly.