Every once in a while

Not too often - as we are quite happy Twigby users mostly - but once in a while I do a quick search to see if'n any new & truly free (non-gov.) cellular offerings have popped up lately - and the results are quite slim - mostly being free phone offers that aren't free anyhow.

Tonight that idea came to mind, and I had to take a pause as I sat & tried to remember - what WAS the name of that place we used for about 8 months that I wasted so doggone much time & effort on ?!?

Finally it came to me - oh yeah - it was ringplus - now I remember !!

So just for yuks I had a look at their site - which surprised me by still being there in its truncated state; and the old forum - which amazingly, some folks still post to.

I thought for sure it would all be gone by now, but there it remains (nyuk, nyuk...remains, indeed !!)

It amuses me greatly to discover just how deeply in memory even just the name of it was buried after just a few months away from it.

Hi, E_Z! I'm guilty of being one of the Stooges who still checks that other forum regularly. It's hard to believe that RingPlus ceased over 5 months ago. Like you, I'm with Twigby now, but even though it is a great MVNO, I still miss RingPlus. It was unique in many ways, and I never felt like I was wasting time on their forums (although trying to get assistance from their "customer service" WAS truly a waste of time); rather, I enjoyed reading and responding to the eclectic variety of posters, assisting when I could, throwing in a little comic relief from time to time, and trying to keep things positive.

All that said, it is terrific to have this forum, thanks to the efforts of Hungry Ghost, and great to see so many familiar "faces" here.

My current TPO plan was found via the ringplus forum - they partnered to offer some special plans. I probably shouldn't have taken the risk but it is working out so far. It costs $7.49 a month so it isn't as if I will lose anything if it goes wrong.

I also won two phones by participating in the forum so I feel I have gotten something back from my days with ringplus.

@mmfacemm , which TPO plan did you sign up for, and what did it include?

It is called the cordial plan.
250 mins/250 texts/250mb LTE and unlimited 2g data for $6.99 plus tax on tmobile (you can have sprint instead if you prefer)

They also have an unlimited talk/text/2g data plus 100mb lte for $7.99.

Really good value. I hope it lasts. I like that if I need a data boost eg I go on vacation - I can buy an extra 1gb of data for the rest of a billing period for $12.