Essential phone deal again

Now $8.74 a month for 24 months.

This looks to be such a great deal - except that it seems to be pure Sprint with the price being for the phone only.

If it does include service, then it is as economical as our existing services (while not including the Verizon fallback, sadly).

It is also confusing that the description at the BB site says this:

That might make one hopeful of it working well in an area like ours via GSM when it is most likely to be pure CDMA for cellular functions - and there is zero Sprint coverage around here.

The info at the page leads me to think it does not include services - just a payment plan for the phone itself, and while a total of $209.76 for the phone itself is not terrible, adding in services would change that considerably.

Fun to look at though - thanks for sharing this info PEW !!

You have to upgrade, add a line or create an account for this deal.