ERROR! V30 (Voicemail)

ERROR! V30 (Sprint Voicemail)

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Victory
Android version: 4.1.2
Voicemail App version: T.6.1.023

When I originally turned on my old Samsung Galaxy Victory with Cellnuvo. Everything worked fine. The email app that came with the phone worked fine.

When I left voicemail I would get a #1 on the app and allowed to play (hear) The message

Now I get a error V30 and a notice saying voicemail can not be delivered and will work when have data connection. My wifi and 3g/4g data is working fine.

I do get a Cassette Icon in the toolbar and in notifications saying to tap to get message. It dials 1 for me and I can hear message.

The issue is the App is no longer able to pull in (download) the messages,

I do not know if this is because I traveled state to state or what?? Seems to be a issue if you google it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. To be able to play message in app is a time saving convince.

This is the voicemail app that comes with Sprint androids phones.

Thank You

FIXED!!!! Thanks for R+ forum guys!

This worked for me

Know what to do if you are not receiving your Visual Voicemails

Steps you can try if you are not receiving your Visual Voicemail messages:

  1. On your phone keypad, enter *38 and then press Talk to cancel any call forwarding(When you use Goggle voicemail you
    are actually forwarding your call to them, this call will only be about 5 sec and then will hang up by itself)
  2. Power off your phone, remove and reinsert the battery and then power it back on
  3. Update the data profile on your phone; go to Menu > Settings > System Updates > Update profile
  4. Go into the visual voicemail application and compose a visual voicemail message by selecting Menu and then Compose. Make sure your message is longer
    than 15 seconds and send to
    You can find these steps buy going to Voicemail->settings->Help->Scroll to Most-Viewed topics ->Know what to do if you are not receiving your Visual Voicemails

Hope this helps, lets us know!