Enough with 5 Kiip credits

It was 20 credit at beginning. Last month down to 10 credit.
Now Kiip only has 5 credit.

Way to treat your customers. Ad companies pay same rate for CellNUVO. CellNUVO just wants to take more from customers that why they reduce the credit to 5.

CellNUVO greedy.

I've been getting a steady stream of Kiip for the past 2-1/2 hours and they've all been 10 credits.

I've never seen a 5 credit Kiip.

Are you not using version 2.0 software?

Current Version 2.14

Like I said, I got 10 Kiip credit in the last month. This week I get nothing but Kiip 5 credit. No 30 credit ads.
I fingers and hands are getting very tired now.

They vary a lot. Two weeks ago I was getting 150 silver kiips (not a typo!) This week literally hundreds of tens each day.

Plenty of 30 silver ads on both v2 and v2.14

Try resetting your google ad profile and clearing app cache.

I see the kiips as feebies so even 5s would be fine. They usually only take a few seconds to earn the silver unless they come with those annoying questions.

If you want to try version 2.0 I've got a copy on my cloud drive at Chelle.biz
Feel free to try it out.

All my Kiip credits are 10 points as well. And after midnight each night I get about 30 of them in a row, non stop.

Got one 150 one last night and about 50 10 credit ones. The 150 silver kiip was on v2.0.Definitely consider v2.0 if you want more silver. As well last night I was seeing several 15 second ads that gave me 2 silver on v2.14 whilst my phone with v2.0 was chugging along with 30 silver ads.

Getting some no pay on the 30 credit ads today. Version 2.0

Yup. The Citi ads.

7 out of 10 no pay

Double means double? Citi nopay

Citi hasn't paid since yesterday.

I have not had any issues with ads crediting (on v2.14), but I also I haven't seen any Kiip credits since April or May probably b/c I'm on v 2.14