End of the free year tomorrow? Sprint $15/month unlimited plan starting 8 June

Unlimited Kickstart

That is a very attractive offer--assuming no 'gotchas,. (I'm a little concerned that the fine print at the bottom of the original link says "excludes taxes, surcharges, and roaming.".)


this still looks like a better deal...

Indeed it does-- with a few caveats. The 'free' unlimited year includes a healthy hotspot allowance, and standard Sprint Postpaid roaming for voice/text (and minimal data roaming), and has at least limited access to Sprint phone upgrades.

The implied guess (or question?) of the OP is that Sprint won't run both offers concurrently.

I haven't seen enough details about the $15 offer. It may not require multi-carrier phones, which could be an advantage to some. It doesn't have a defined end date, which could work out as a long-term advantage if it gets 'grandfathered' status..

Global roaming included.

When I looked, already 35 pages on Slickdeals thread about this offer, but I didn't wade all the way through it. I'm not sure about eligible phones-- a forward link from the offer page lists the same multi-carrier phones as eligible, while another link for "buy a phone for this plan" includes Sprint-specific models. I tested a couple of older Sprint Postpaid phones that I have here on the BYOD test page, and one returned a "visit a store" recommendation, while the other phone wasn't even recognized as a Sprint-network device.

Sprint's "global roaming" is international data roaming at 2G. Not really the same as domestic roaming. I imagine somebody has an answer by now about whether or not domestic voice/text/data roaming is included, but I haven't seen it..

This could be an ownership flag thing, laid out in section A in my guidehere.

PM me the IMEIs (Does nth allow for PMs like that?) and I'll check it out on my end.

Thanks, LiterallyUnlimited!
Yes, nth allows PMs. You can send a PM by clicking on any user's avatar. You can check PM's either by the envelope icon in the top blue border, or from the drop-down menu next to your avatar just below the blue border. (No visible counter/alert for PM's without taking one of those actions, though.)

I'll have to wait until I'm home to fetch the MEIDs, though.

I imagine they just allow the usual BYOD devices to activate. You would need one of those but could probably swap in one of these other devices once the line is set up. None of my sprint phones work and I get the message to go into the store to check it out. No doubt so they could try to sell me one that will work lol.

This could also be the flag I referenced in the above post. With the ownership flag set to PLBL, the phones are only really ready to activate on MVNOs. Even regular postpaid phones can be 'locked out' of the Sprint network this way until reset by Sprint tech support or the last MVNO where the phones were active. I can investigate and sometimes repair it if you DM me the IMEI(s).