Emergency Food Bucket

Robot or human??

$135 for a bucket with 30 days of food for one person.

Great link. Thanks. We generally live and work in hurricane prone areas, and spend extensive time back country camping and boating so we tend to keep several weeks of supplies on hand. Over the course of many years we have found that our individual needs and tastes dictate the supplies we keep on hand. Works better for us rather than going with a generic package. It is a great starter kit and gives a lot of pause for thought, What will you really need for the next 30 days if all services are off.

Obviously, toilet paper. :wink:

Stay safe in the back country.

wow. ive known you could purchase these items just not at wallys world. i feel under prepared & i live in a climate which is prone to power outages due to really anything the 4 seasons can throw at you and tend to have a cupboard of canned/boxed items but not near 30 days. we tend to grill out in most instances of power outages. charcoal or propane doesnt matter if the powers out and your freezers gone out chances are your gonna see your neighbor cousin eddie style on his lawn grilling up some minute sausages or bacon the next morning. most of us also have genny's but you can always tell the ones that didnt get gas. they be grilling up their entire half a cow the next day.