Email notifications down right now?

I wonder if this has been noticed by anyone else...

There have been replies in threads I'm watching, but no emails - which seems quite odd.

For at least several days already no email notifications have come to my gmail from here.
They didn't arrive into 'spam' either as I've checked.

I got one notification yesterday and one on the 11th, but I should have received more, unless I forgot to check the notification box in participating threads. I'll keep an eye out, and maybe someone else will report. Hope you get this.

Definitely not working - several updated threads & zero emails came in.
I hope this gets fixed soon !!

Puzzling——I just got an email about what you just posted and I quoted. Maybe it’s not working for some but not all. Or maybe the email notification preference in your personal setting was somehow changed inadvertently.

Too funny - I got an email for your reply this time !!

Must be Russians intercepting emails again, or the NSA.