Edit APN on Palm PVG100?

Has anyone ever figured out how to edit/add an APN setting on a PVG100? Using a Freedom Pop GSMT SIM, and everything works except data, since I can't edit the APN.


Can the settings menu at least display an APN section & let you see the APN name?

You can try resetting Network Settings (which should wipe out the default APN), and see if that gives you the option of entering a new APN. Restarting the phone after the reset might allow the SIM to install the correct APN on it's own.

I'm not familiar with the Palm at all, but I've had to use this trick a time or two to enter an APN.
Install a non-activated SIM from a different provider. (but.... I usually use a T-Mobile network SIM, since it seems that T-Mobile is less likely to block user access to APN settings....)

Enter the APN settings, being very careful to do so exactly, and save.
Put the FreedomPop SIM back in the phone, and cross your fingers.

On the most stubborn phone I have, I can't see an APN saved this way: there's no indication that it's there at all. But it did give me a fully functional phone when I put the active SIM back in the phone.

Thanks. I've read around and found this is a "feature"/issue with this phone, and requires root, which I don't want to get into. As luck would have it, the Palm is also starting to behave badly, so it's back in the drawer for now. I'll find something else to use to play with the GSMT SIM.