Eating one's what....?

I've heard of confidant people saying they will eat their hats, and have heard about desperate people eating their shoes, but have never heard of people eating fleece jackets, and many other plastic containing things to boot, without being aware of it. I suppose the verdict is still out on whether our love affair with plastic will end in tragedy or an amicable divorce. Fiber is supposed to be good for people, but I don't know if that's the case with plastic fiber in the human diet.

Reminds me a bit of the 'diet' food line that was 'enhanced' with very small, 100% non-digestible styro pellets which were added to simulate a 'full' sensation in the users (victims ??).
Supposedly they just passed through harmlessly.

Personally I think I'll pass on eating any plastics (if possible) !!

Oh well, I guess even in the age of plastic, the old mantra "eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die" still makes sense.

Being Called back to the Presence is not worrisome to me at all.
What does concern me (always) is just living well as long as I'm stuck here for.
Living as well as I am able to leads directly (and deliberately) to 'eat, drink, and be merry' for me.
Still, that doesn't include eating inedibles !!!

Speaking of inedibles, I just retrieved my favorite "green" jacket from a closet, a "fleece" jacket made from recycled plastic soda bottles that is now rather threadbare. I wonder what the ultimate destination of these plastic threads or fibers was, and wonder how much of that fiber may have ended up in me and whether or not all of it has safely taken leave of me? Who knew how comfy coke bottles could keep one. Since the jacket is on its last leg, I wonder if will be accepted at the recycling center?

I've yet to dispose of any raggedy fleece items (except for some badly tattered slippers IIRC).

2 semi-related learnings are to blame for this...

We've got a large dog (Bernese) & no matter what bed we got her, after she'd flopped onto it about 10 times it would go too flat much too soon for what those things cost.
Searching around I dug up some saved older bedding - sleeping bag, bed spreads, blankets - and using a huge needle with strong cord for thread, made her a couple of very sturdy beds.
Old fleece clothing makes great stuffing for those too, I discovered.

When the winter got really cold last year the old dog tried to levitate (unsuccessfully) when her paw pads got too cold...
I ordered some good booties for her, but she needed help right away - so:
My plan was to hand sew parts from my beater jacket into some booties - but then I had a thought:
Given the nature of fleece, why not just use hot glue ??
This turned out to be a perfect marriage & she had temporary booties that night before her night-time stroll & what a happy doggy she was, playing in the snow without concern for the cold.

Since then I've lost all concern about having a bag full of old fleece things as I know I can find uses for it in all different ways now !!