Earnings Tips and Tricks

Let's keep this thread separate from the general earnings thread. No opinions, comments about Tom and/or Karl and/or RingPlus, or anything else, please. Let this be the place where we talk about how to maximize our rate of earnings.

Here are some tips and tricks to get us started:

  1. Once we have the ability to put phones on any of the four cellular networks we should be able to put all of our retired phones into service. Why would we want to do that? Because, if you have multiple lines and each line provides referral credits to the line that preceded it, you're getting an extra 10% earnings with every ad. At a minimum, you should have 3 lines and let line A just catch referral credits from lines B and C. 110% earnings are always better than 100% earnings. With gift cards for silver, on the horizon, you can turn idle time into cash.

  2. You should have at least three lines because most people can easily swipe two phones at the same time. If you use index finger and pinky it's pretty easy to swipe ads on lines B and C, with one hand, while line A accrues referral credits.

  3. You don't have to earn on the phone that's actually connected to CellNUVO service. That's good, because different phones, with different operating systems, process the ads at different rates-- and the phone with the best raw hardware specs won't necessarily be your fastest "earning phone". Try your various devices, including tablets, and see which ones allow you to earn credits the fastest. In the past my fastest earning device (by far) was a phone with Android 4.3 on it.

  4. You usually don't have to watch an entire video to get the credits. When Kiip ads require me to watch a video I first try to figure out what the minimum amount is that I have to watch before I can hit the back button and collect the silver. In most cases it's about 5 seconds. You'll quickly get a feel for where that point is and you'll be able to rack up the points a lot faster.

  5. If a 250 credit survey gets pushed your way you can often get another one by clearing cache and resetting your Google Ad ID. Sometimes it doesn't work but there have been quite a few times when I got 4 in a row.

  6. Get when the getting is good. If it feels like you're pulling teeth to get credits, don't waste your time. If the silver is flowing-- don't assume that it will still be flowing, later. Swipe until you drop.

  7. Optimize your use of Kiip. Kiip ads are welcome, during times of drought, and a nuisance, when the 30 point ads are flowing. I find that Kiip ads seem to show up around noon and midnight. (It's happened too many times to be a coincidence.) I either gravitate toward or away from those times based on what else is going on in the land of CellNUVO.

8 ) No one knows what the future will bring but, in the past, there has been some benefit to sticking with an older version of the earnings app because it only served up 15 and 30 credit ads and didn't bother you with the ones that were 5 points or less. That may or may not be the case, going forward. You can increase your earnings rate by 50%, or more, by optimizing the app version, OS version, and device that you use. When you're on a plane they remind you that the closest emergency exit might be behind you and, on "Air NUVO," the fastest earning app might be the version behind you.

Share your tips and let's earn some silver!

All Great tips Chelle!

Right now, I'm able to swipe 2-3 times at a time and get a few of them to stack back-to-back-to-back (all 5-pointers).

Not sure how much advantage that is, but it seems to go faster.

Although not even in Chelle's CN league, I can confirm that different phones can produce significantly different earnings. I use older phones for swiping, because I don't like putting the extra wear-and-tear on batteries & screen on my active CN device (and forgetting to charge it after a swiping session.....)

I've been swiping on an Android 4.1, and an Android 4.4.2. In several dual-swiping sessions, my earnings on the 4.1 device have been 20%-35% greater than on the 4.42. (both on app version 2.59, same WiFi internet access.) In my instance, the ads served are so disparate that a 2-finger swiping technique rapidly becomes useless, since the phones are soon not in sync-- and it changes my needed attention from a 'background task' to a 'foreground task'. As a result, I only dual-swipe when I can pay full attention to the phones.

Although I'm willing to attribute most of the earnings difference to the Android version, it's entirely possible that some other difference between the 2 phones is responsible as well. I earlier tried a different Android 4.1 device, and the production was so dismal that I put it back in the drawer. I intend to try it again when the ability to get a new authorization returns.

(edit: reminded tonight of the drawback of earlier android versions, and possibly earlier versions of the app: sometimes, particular ads don't play right, so no credits. Tonight, my android 4.1 gets primarily an ad that will not play, over & over, so essentially 0 silver earnings. The android 4.4.2 is the winner tonight.)

All I read from the wall of text was "Swipe until you drop."

Here is a what not to do:
In the middle of a major outage when the website is not available don't do anything to mess up your app activation!! Right now I have no ability to earn silver from one phone. I accidently wiped the data on the app and now I cannot reactivate. So no silver for me.


  1. Midnight EST is golden time. Usually it lasts several hours.
  2. You don't have to hit X to close ads to gain silver. You can hit back. This is especially useful with static ads as you might miss the X and be faffing around for extra seconds trying to gain 4 silver. I do hit close when you get the 30 silver ones though. Not sure if it works for those.
  3. Don't bother with those 6-8 silver game ads that take 30 seconds. Just close the app to get out of them and restart it. Unless you are experiencing a particularly dry patch and need the silver.
  4. Get referrals. There is a thread on the cellnuvo reddit where you can add your code if you want to.

Finger tip:

With the new B of A travel rewards ads, it appears you need to go through 4 scenes before backing out to get the 10 credits.

I thought about posting such strategies before, but I don't want advertisers to catch wind of them and demand CN (or their ad suppliers) make changes to prevent methods they don't like. I'd go into more detail, but then I'd have to (in my best Ahmed the Dead Terrorist voice) keeell you...

Watch out for those sneaky 1 silver kiip ads that look like the 10 silver ones.

Noticed that today, Will only do the 10 credit ads, even those take a while to add up.

Yes I hate these video kiips. Need something new.

Catch you never read one of my pms

1 point ads are tin

lexusl21, sent you a pm.

kiip reward never finishes loading, why?

Why not?