Dumb Rotary Phone From Smart Designer

It would be difficult to mistakenly butt dial with this otherworldly rotary phone, assuming one could put it in a back pocket and without squirming too much. Dialing this dumb phone would certainly turn some heads. Maybe an old touchtone keypad phone is next on the agenda.

The phone evidently is GSM 3G and will work with an AT&T prepaid sim card. One can purchase a kit ($170) to build this phone. Needs a fingerprint sensor, though.



This is my favorite part of the ladbible.com article:

"The rest of the people have to be called via the rotary dial. That works by putting your finger in the numbered hole that you wish to start with, then dragging the dial down to zero and then letting it reset before going to the next number."

Seems intuitive to many of us, I'm sure. But as written, the instruction might be confusing to Gen Z, Gen Alpha, & possibly Y/Millennials.

Yes, the how to use phone instructions would be necessary for much of today's population. Perhaps this Wikipedia link would be useful as well: Rotary dial - Wikipedia

I also thought the " live free or die" maxim displayed on the phone captured Justine's reason for creating the phone.

Good gift for a teen

Yep, sure - a mix of retro & current tech - strangely impressive somehow.

What next ??

Reinventing the motorcycle kickstarter ??
Hand cranked car starters ??
Snow rollers instead of plows ??
Horse drawn fire engines ??

Infinite newness from the past !!!

Alright, I'll bite.
What is a snow roller?

Great catch KentE !!!

Modern folks have sometimes heard of these very unusual things in recent times:

Not what I referred to though.

Here are some examples of the olden snow rollers:

These were used to make roads passable, commonly in areas with heavy snowfall.

Also, still visible in some places are the 2nd floor exit doors on older homes that seem to lead...noplace.
Those were included for the times when snowfall was so heavy that folks would not be able to clear their 1st floor exits, so they would simply make use of the compacted snow from that higher level.

An old friend of mine actually grew up in the vicinity of Oneonta, NY and told tales of ALL the houses there still having such 2nd floor egress - more or less as a requirement.
I had an opportunity to see this at 1st hand in a short visit to that town on a road trip some years back, and that was not only confirmed, but a while later Oneonta had a huge snowfall that made entries into the modern record books.

Never heard of a snow roller, the predecessor to snowplows, until now. Electric vehicles have been around for some time, but couldn't go far without being charged, let alone go 400 miles per charge as they can today.

The younger kids had more patience ??

The joy of success. Too bad we can't force the Robocallers to use rotary phones.