Duh! Have been swiping away diligently, but nowhere for me to use my Gold?

So it just dawned on me that there may be no point to all the swiping that I've been doing!

I have Tracfone that I'll have to renew in December, but Tracfone isn't listed in CellNuvo. Then I have Tello, and Tello isn't listed either. And I have Freedompop, which too is unavailable on CellNuvo.

So I'm just being stupid, swiping away everyday! This is a huge Duh moment for me!

You can buy a new phone from amazon

Or you could switch to RedPocket.

For FP and Unreal, I think you can buy some plans on Amazon, right?



There are also these Tracfone bundles on Amazon-- if you normally buy a 360-day plan to refill Tracfone, the bundles are a cheaper way to do it than buying a 360 day card straight from Tracfone.. (There's a method to harvest the minutes & days from the bundle, and swap back to your existing phone if you like it better.)


You can also email. support@cellnuvo.com and ask them if it is possible to add tracphone or others you mentioned

I believe tello was called by trolls not to accept cellnuvo. So you can thank the trolls for no tello. Maybe Tom can re contact tello.

Tom has listened to us in the past. I believe boost was an example.

Rp annual plan was my suggestion.

Point is make your voice known to support and Tom. They do listen

Of course only you can decide if swipping is worth it to you.

Personally, I think the answer for "why no Tello" doesn't involve trolls.
Tello is one of the companies that does not allow 3rd-party payments from anyone, and that includes CellNuvo.
Over time, CN has done a pretty good job of adding providers that do allow 3rd-party payments, but is unlikely to have enough leverage to encourage a provider to rework their entire payment system to allow 3rd-party payments, just to accomodate CellNuvo users.

My suggested shortcut for lobbying CellNuvo to add a new provider: first contact your provider of service and see if they are set up to allow 3rd-party payments.

I remember the trolls taking credit.

I remember that too. I think the trolls were wrong. We asked the Tello rep directly if they accepted any 3rd party payments from other-than-account-holder, and the answer was 'no'. So the situation was that Tello could not accept CN payments without specifically arranging something their payment system was not configured to do. Maybe something they would have been interested in doing for 1000 accounts, but not for the lower numbers they probably would have picked up via CellNuvo.

peterquinn: I've sent you a Private Message.

If you know someone with an account that Cellnuvo has listed, just pay with Cellnuvo gold and have them give you cash once your payment to their account goes thru.
I have even made payments to friends accounts without getting anything in return.

When the store first started there was no cell service offered. I emailed Tom and support and they agreed. And added rp annual and the other providers you see now

Point is email the people that can make the change. We will all back you from here,but we do not have the power to make a change.

Tom and crew have been receptive in the past. Of course certain places like eBay can not be done. They tried

PEW wrote: "Or you could switch to RedPocket."

Yes, I have been thinking of getting the $60/year RP ebay plan, but I only see RP monthly plans in the CellNuvo store.
Can I use my Gold to buy the $60 ebay RedPocket sim?

KentE wrote: "There are also these Tracfone bundles on Amazon"

Thanks KentE, I had no idea those were on Amazon. Looks like the HSN bundles are cheaper than the Amazon ones though.
Is redeeming CN Gold for Amazon credit a difficult process?

Almost everything is more expensive in Amazon.

No not difficult. If doing
Rp annual plan.

  1. choose on cellnuvo store rp annual plan

  2. put in cellnuvo account number. Can be found under settings/ account info

  3. if saving for $255 annual plan. You save 100 gold per month. Then on third month 55 gold.

  4. then email support the link to the plan with your Amazon email.

They will email you link to credit

$255 plan

$204 plan is back

Thanks for the info, Lexus. I didn't find the $60 plan on Amazon though. The one I'm looking for is the ebay plan (Cell Phone SIM Cards for Sale - eBay). I don't need much of data so this plan is perfect for me. Is there a way to get it using CN Gold?

There is no way to get the $60/yr RP plan on eBay directly.

Once you have a plan such as that, RP can refill it for you. I just refilled one of my ebay RP $60/yr numbers.

One thing of note, if you are going to refill an existing RP account, use the Pay My Red Pocket Monthly Bill, not the yearly. The yearly is only used for purchasing via Amazon. Not sure how you would refill an existing $240 yearly plan. I will have to ask since I will be doing that next summer.

Cellnuvo tried. No PayPal or eBay. Shame

I like the 204 plan. Yes it is over kill but it is free a
nd peace if mind

I also asked redpocket in the past. They said eBay and Amazon have different plans due to contract and they will not duplicate. Shame


But amazon has a $99 plan with 500/500/500. More expensive but it is available to buy.

Although HSN has had cheaper bundles in the past, right now those Amazon Tracfone bundles are cheaper than anything thru HSN. (The HSN bundles have better phones currently, at a little higher cost, but might not matter if you're going to swap back to your existing phone.) The $50-$70 Tracfone bundles have disappeared almost everywhere. (Tracfone's Ebay store may still have one at $50-60)

Nice details on redeeming Gold for Amazon credit: (thanks, PEW)