Dual SIM phone deal

Dual SIM
3gb ram
32gb storage
720p only, though


I highly recommend the moto g5 plus xt1681 dual sim version. Usually costs $250.

It takes what is know as probably the best mid range phone and adds dual sim capabilities with us lte bands, adds nfc and allows for 3g on the second slot when the first is on 3g/4g so no worries about 2g disappearing. Also allows a microsd in addition to the dual sim.

For an extra $100 you get a much better phone that will last.

But thanks for posting. Some may not want to pay $250.

Advantage with this would be full HD 1080p screen, instead of just 720p.

Only 2gb ram, though...

Yes the ram is a sore point but it is running near stock and moto phones are usually pretty snappy.