Dual-Sim Advancements

Seems like just yesterday I learned the wonders of dual-sim technology. With the most recent news of apples new line of devices, their XS and XS MAX, are now ready to have that same potential. What I find interesting is that I was under the impression that dual sims only worked for GSM carriers. In the article, it explains the current carriers supported with this tech are at&t, t-mobile, and VERIZON? Can anyone else clarify if dual sim has worked in the past with CDMA networks before this? Very interesting indeed.

I never before heard of a phone that supported multiple carriers simultaneously that worked with CDMA providers.

I tried out a mi mix 2s which had verizon and tmob/att dual sim support. Worked well.

The dual sim with the iphones are unfortuantely an esim combined with a physical sim so you are stuck with the big 4 since no mvno supports esims.

Google's Pixel 2 XL has dual SIM. eSIM will work with both Sprint CDMA and T-Mobile GSM with auto switching. Physical SIM will work with all 4 carriers. However, you can only have one SIM working at a time. So for frequent world travelers, using Verizon while in U.S. and switching on eSIM for Project Fi when traveling overseas.

I think the reason has more to do with the necessity of 'whitelisting' ESNs on Sprint and Verizon, and all US carriers being resistant to the concept of dual-SIM devices. (It's an extra hurdle for a manufacturer to overcome-- for dual SIM GSM devices, there's no need to get the approval of the carriers.)

I purchased a dual sim Xiaomi Redmi 4 A $90 phone about two years ago, and it's basically GSM, yet when I put a Sprint sim in it , I get a signal alongside Sprint at the top of the phone, though I doubt that Sprint would ever whitelist the phone, as KentE has mentioned. The phone has passed a few CDMA eligibility checkers.There are reports that the phone is 25%/50% compatible with Verizon and Sprint CDMA bands and coverage, so it might work where some people live or work. The Mi Mix 2s is so far, from what I've read, the most compatible of Xiaomi phones with all of the major US carriers.

The worse thing about the pixel 2 dual sim is that only one sim can be active at any one time. No dual standby or anything like that.

Using GoogleVoice number for calling and texting will be perfect in this case. Verizon and Project Fi are used as LTE data source only.