Does Tom still monitor this forum?

Does Tom still monitor this forum?

Some here are under the impression that Tom is still on this board reading our anger.

No way. He has moved on.

Tom's old posts have zero meaning.

:stuck_out_tongue: :whistle: :woohoo:

I think it is safe to say that if he does, he does not have anything productive to talk about.

I will say that I pulled the app and swiped a few times to see if there was still a count - nothing. Ads are served but no points are issues (not that they are worth anything at this point). To add to that, the business failed and/or is no longer operating as normal for whatever reason(s).

Ethics aside, these are clear indications that there is no point in any of it's staff - including Tom - to bother with prior users. The same goes for pursuing Tom or any of the staff.


Sigh,. Even on the holiday's

My thoughts exactly!

"Tom's old posts have zero meaning." ---Now you tell us.:dry: domain name renewed for 2 years.

New domain expiration date: December 27, 2021


And Owner has Over 2 million house. Must be nice . Nice moral compass.

Why, why? That name is MUD now.

How much did they spend on that domain period?

Perhaps the domain had to be renewed regardless for some process we do not know that is being enforced at a legal level.

Otherwise, there are plans to sell the company name and domain as part of an exit strategy.

Lastly, it was on auto pay and the account paid out. Maybe one day we will know!

What I find amusing when looking there, is...:

That it is still portraying an active company via the smiling girl (with her eyes closed ??), and the very impressive caption, which reads:

But even more amusing is what comes up when trying to reach the old rp domain, which leads to here now:

Defuncters 'R' them ?!?


Sigh,. Happy New Year