Does Anyone Know The Exact Cost Of The 30-Day CellNuvo Plan on RedPocket?

On Thursday, I requested (via the CellNuvo App), that 11 Gold be deducted from my account to "Pay My Red Pocket Bill." (Red Pocket automatically switched me to the 30-Day CellNuvo 500/500/500 plan from my $5 RedPocket Paygo). Is this the correct amount (because isn't tax added), or should have only 10 Golds have been taken out?


Well, it looks like the correct allotment, but I thought most folks were seeing the "Essentials" plan name-- the standard RP offering matching to price and allotment.
Our of curiosity, is there a plan # listed? It would be interesting to see if your line is showing the same plan # with a different name, or a different plan #.

As far as I can tell, only $10 is required-- I think only jamielih requested $11 (because he saw tax on the same plan not through CellNuvo.), but I think everyone else has only asked for 10 gold transfers.

(oops, forgot to ask, See-hee. Does the phone number listed in your CN app match your Red Pocket phone #?)