Does anyone else like things that are made in Japan?

I recently got a made in Japan Hario V60 pour over coffee brewer.

I originally wanted ceramic but then came to learn that plastic had some advantages over not only the ceramic version but over the glass and metal versions. It helped that plastic was cheaper and I ended up getting the largest size.

The quality of the plastic is really something else. It is really clear and reflective. You can mistake it for expensive glass.

Reminded me how uniquely nice made in Japan products are.

Does anyone else like products made in Japan?

Yes, I like products made in Japan. In my opinion, for the last several decades, made in Japan meant better quality than made in USA (usually), made in Taiwan, and definitely better than made in China. This is of course a generalization, over-simplification, truism, etc. There are numerous exceptions - Sony Vaio is one that comes to mind.

Japanese cars that are assembled in Japan often have better QC than most Japanese cars assembled in the U.S or elsewhere. When not assembled in Japan, Japanese cars in the U.S. with higher percentage of parts made in Japan are usually more desirable and have better QC than Japanese cars in the U.S. with lower percentage of such parts.

Made in China is cheaper in the U.S. than made in U.S. / Taiwan / Japan. Thus, many of us buy stuff at Walmart / Target / Costco / CVS / Walgreens, where China-made products dominate the floor space.

So, yes I like most Japanese-made products, but I usually don't like paying the prices for them, except when it comes to cars. The foregoing are both my opinion and generalizations, naturally.

My made in Japan Lexus was not as perfect as it should have been. But there are a lot of people who handle it between it being made and it reaching the dealer.