Do you think RingPlus will make some sort of comeback?

Ringplus Social is still up and I am wondering why.

Do you think Karl is working on something?

I doubt it. His app Neutrality disappeared into the history books of failed ideas. They probably just paid for the website domain until the end of the year or something.

Who knows maybe he agreed with sprint not to start an MVNO until 2018 and we'll see a comeback next year.

Not sure why it's up anymore. It was kinda cool for a minute as they were soliciting deals with/for other MNVOs. But no new deals for several months now (although TPO deal is still active).

Maybe they're acting behind the scenes (MNVE)?

I can't see them EVER coming back, but if they did, hopefully they would do a complete face lift, including a name change to get away from the bad aura that occurred as they shut down.

They would need a new person to be the face of the company too.

Karl doesn't seem like the type to sit idle so my guess is he's working on something. Whatever it is, I doubt it'd bear any resemblance to the old Ringplus.

Maybe research: "RingPlus, Inc. conducts research in many areas, spanning from telecommunication to consumer psychology. In the photo above, Karl, our CEO, gives an interview with Insider about cognitive research to improve communication."
RingPlus, Inc. Research

Wow, look at the ad that just went up on R+ Social.

Note I edited out all their contact details.


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R+ lets anyone join the forum. Russian??

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I had a similar notion. Or, this person is a little late to the game if he should be seeking personal information.

Too late... Saudi Arabia just granted Sophia citizenship.

People really do clap at anything!

It's peculiar seeing a yamaka wearing robot in Saudi Arabia.

It seems to have disappeared. Probably a good thing... R+ doesn't need any more hits to its reputation.

Not exactly an ad-- but someone joining the forum to post spam as a comment.
Gone now.

It looks like someone is owed an iPhone 6+ & Galaxy S6. They messaged Karl directly in September.

I kind of doubt RingPlus will come back as an MVNO, and I very much suspect that some of the things RingPlus was trying to do will come back, or we've seen signs that they've already come back.

I noticed that the Sprint 1-year unlimited plan features adaptive throttling, with video streaming throttled at a rate to "enjoy the video" (phrase from R+, not Sprint), and audio streaming throttled more severely. (Who could forget that mess? And there's no doubt that Sprint was going to have to be the one to implement the throttling, so it appears they finally got it functioning at least for video & audio streaming.)

I also noticed that the campaign to sign people up was based entirely on viral marketing. (Remember that the first sponsored research plans on RingPlus were all about viral marketing.)

I've also noted that the FreedomPop dialer is now monetized through serving ads-- not in the same method, or to the same extent that RingPlus was planning on, of course. There is at least some speculation that FP may become more insistent on the use of that dialer as a way of monetizing the service. (And some speculated that FreedomPop might have been a possible development partner for the R+ dialer.)

The only point I'm trying to make here is that R+ was sometimes an innovator, and sometimes a testbed for ideas others wanted to investigate. We shouldn't be surprised in some of those things were important to others outside of RingPlus .

Is this true or meant to be sarcasm?

Karl is

"financially rewarding to everyone" I don't know if I like the sound of that.
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