Do you still have cellnuvo app in your phone?

I haven't deleted mine yet. Maybe one day Tom will pay me.

I used dedicated swiping phones-- so, yeah, the app is still on those phones.

I wish that some day you'll post about a pleasant surprise, from a shiny new phone.

Ditto. All that unclaimed fake gold gives me brain hemorrhage

Still installed but no swiping.Hoping for Tom to make a post with info on how to get our cash. lol

I certainly will, but tom being not willing to pay, I ain't got no money to buy any shinny phone.

I think I am the most hateful one here because I requested an Amazon gift card a few weeks before the stupid new rule and was later denied.

I do :slight_smile: ...but recently, when I try "Refresh Info" under "Account Info", it just hangs, while before, it used to do refresh. Also, under Point Swap/Swap History, it used to tell me that I didn't have any swaps - not anymore - it's silent now.

I don't. I only had maybe a little under 3000 silver left, I think; wasn't worth the headache anymore.

Still do on two devices (the one with the $500+ and the other can't remember). I did request my funds prior as well and got turned down after being told I would receive my new phone. Such is life. I did at least get to cash some out, so not a total loss. Maybe one day... Maybe....

When CN quit pretending to care about the users I quit pretending to bother with their app !!
(Still installed on the old phone that only gets used as a convenient camera, not opened in quite a while though...)

Unlike that screaming baby that was happy to get that money.

We earned our fake gold.

So it is not whining to want what you earned.