Do you know any QAnon followers?

Apparently, QAnon groups on facebook and elsewhere have millions of followers.

I get the impression that even among those who are not following QAnon religiously, some of the ideas find a wider audience. The consipracy theories about Bill Gates come to mind.

How can those Qanon conspiracy theories have any credibility considering their savior is con man who could care less about anybody but himself? The other reason to be skeptical is that they are always wrong.

As there is no sane person left who supports Don the Con, those that still do probably believe in at least some aspects of that nonsense.

Group psychology is complex, but we ignore it at our own peril. As long as a person's needs are met, truth is not of high priority.

"Who Joins Cults?

No particular psychopathology profile is associated with cult involvement, in part because cults, like many effective sales organizations, adjust their pitch to the personality and needs of their prospects. Although cult members appear to have a somewhat higher rate of psychological distress than nonmembers, the majority seems to lie within the normal range. Nevertheless, clinical experience strongly suggests that certain situational or developmental features (singly or in combination) appear to make people more receptive to cult sales pitches, including:

a high level of stress or dissatisfaction
lack of self-confidence
desire to belong to a group
low tolerance for ambiguity
naive idealism
cultural disillusionment
frustrated spiritual searching
susceptibility to trance-like states"

We all know people like that.

There was a survey that said there was 7% favorability for QAnon. As a proportion of those who voted in 2016, that would translate to 10 million people.

Evolution works in perplexing ways. Perhaps it's not so naive or delusional to say the end is nigh nowadays.