Dish/Boost Aug. 7th Plan Changes

Aug. 7th changes to plans coming to Dish/Boost Mobile. These new plans are competitive:

$10/month - 1GB high-speed data
$15/month - 2GB high-speed data
$25/month - 5GB high-speed data

"The plans will make pretty good choices for those that don't need a lot of data, but they aren't without flaws. SMT says that the new plans will not be eligible for any device or add-a-line promos. It is not known if the new plans are hard-capped or if they come with unlimited 2G data after their high-speed data caps get reached. The plans will be available on Boost's expanded network which is T-Mobile."

Boost is also doing away with some plans:

3 lines for $100 (unlimited everything with 30GB of mobile hotspot data per line and SD video streaming)
4 lines for $100 (unlimited everything with 1GB of mobile hotspot per line and SD video streaming)
4 lines for $120 (unlimited everything with 30GB of mobile hotspot per line and HD video streaming)

I'm glad to see that $10 plan. The $15 & $25 plans are being squeezed pretty hard by T-Mobile's Connect plans. (But I think squeezing MVNO's hard is the reason T-Mobile has the Connect plans....)

It will be interesting to see further details when the plans are officially released.

Wonder if taxes and fees be included in these new plans, hhmm

We've had one of our phones with Boost for several years, and they have always included taxes and fees in the monthly price. Hopefully that will be the case with their new plans, too. I guess we will have to wait until August 7th to find out for sure.

I'm still grandfathered in a $25 unlimited/unlimited/unlimited plan with 12GB of hotspot and it includes taxes in the price.

Taxes & Fees are included on the new plans, but data is hard capped. Only the 35 GB plans have unlimited slow data.

Boost has doubled the data for the 1 and 2 GB plans for the first 3 months:
2 GB for $10 / mo
4 GB for $15 / mo

Best thing is that they now sell the $10 and $15 plans online.