DISH Acquires Ting Mobile Assets

Thought this might be of interest: DISH selects Tucows as technology partner, acquires Ting.

Thanks, rolandh! I was just coming to post about this here.
I saw a different source article:

This surprised me, and has me going back & forth on how I feel about it.
Personally, I've been a big admirer of Ting's capability of 'doing it right' in regards to customer service. (I'm not saying they're not faultless-- but that they're among the industry best in assisting their customers with functional issues.)

... and I immediately was concerned for some of the employees, notably including LiterallyUnlimited, who has been incredible across multiple forums & social media helping Ting customers, and helping folks with other providers understand how things work, and/or why they're not working as anticipated.

...but perhaps Dish recognized this, and recognizes that they need expert help to make Dish viable in the telecom industry. I can't think of a better source for those capabilities than Ting. The articles mention that Dish is acquiring Ting's mobile customer base, but that Tucows will be continuing as a Mobile Service Enabler: so hopefully Ting's excellent capabilities, customer-centric service, and great employee base can continue, and make Dish a more effective force in the marketplace at the same time.

LiterallyUnlimited, I hope that this change works well for you, and please share my well wishes with your fellow Ting coworkers!

I still have a $20 credit balance with Ting from their assuming my RingPlus lines (out of an original ~$45). I wonder if DISH would continue to honor that after Ting is fully integrated with Boost.

Tucows management's remarks: It would seem ultimately Ting Mobile and Boost's customers will be migrated to the MSE platform supplied by Tucows. That said, apparently no changes in the short term.

Kind of sad really to see it getting sold out to someone like Dish. I hope they revamp the plans to be more affordable without sacrificing the good things about Ting.

As long as my $25 Unlimited Boost plan with 12GB of hotspot continues to be grandfathered I'm going to go along for the ride.

Should be interesting.

Thanks for the well-wishes, guys. All kinds of things are still unraveling as more details are being made public. As it becomes available and we have answers to your questions, that'll be linked primarily on /r/Ting and on our social media channels Redirecting... and

For what it's worth, my team (social media response) is actively following the conversation across all platforms and raising relevant questions to those who can answer them. If you ask it, it'll get forwarded. It might not have an immediate answer, but we DO hear you.

I won't be going anywhere regardless. In the short term, nothing about Ting customer relationships change, and we're still here when you call us.

Glad to hear L.U. your position is safe! Hope you make (Made) a killing on those shares of TCX. My in-laws own a boatload! I won’t see any of it! (sad face).

One more change...