Disease X

I suppose this is a case of "what you do and don't know can kill you". This prediction of the future existence of the "X" disease is a prime example of the power of mathematics and statistics and probability as a tool in predicting the future.

The WHO warned: “Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease.”

As someone has expressed: Statistics and probability is the crystal ball that allows mankind to see into the future. We can see things before they exist.


Interesting (and sobering) reading! BTW, we know that Justin Trudeau didn't write the second article's title, thanks to an earlier thread on this forum.

Thanks for the info and stay well!

I hit play, saw the 53+ mins. video length and thought it might not hold my attention. Boy was I wrong. Very interesting documentary. Thanks for sharing.

Not having watched the video (yet ??) I can hazard a guess at what this 'disease' is:
Our species - just like Agent Smith described in 'The Matrix'.

Indeed. Although some have suggested that agent Smith's biological statements could use some tweaking, his argument is consistent with and actually made possible by the mental tools elucidated in the "Prediction" video above, and whatever disease "X" may be, we are able to predict it, even if it is us. We need a vaccine, pronto.