Disclosing Hidden Fees

US Mobile now has a disclaimer pointing out, before one checks out, there will be additional fees tacked on to the stated price.

'But to be fair, US Mobile's CEO, Ahmed Khattak, has made a pretty valid statement on his Twitter account. The CEO shared that while they appreciate being called out for its hidden fees, "most carriers still show the fee's [sic] on the last step."'


Stetson Doggett's website, "BestPhonePlans" now has an estimated total price feature that includes the taxes and fees added to the listed price, which is quite helpful.


I still think us mobile are not being completely honest about this. The $2 fee is not a carrier imposed fee for network access (or if it is they are the only ones who explicitly charge separately for it) and it isn't the same kind of fee that gets tacked on the end like others. It is an US mobile line charge like Ting's $6 fee. And Ting are upfront about theirs and proud to own it!

The flat $2 fee can be added to the plan charge clearly since it applies to everyone. They just don't want to do it. The fees/taxes get tacked on the end because they are different depending on the State you are in.